Sacred Heart Academy
is a Parish Apostolate of Sacred Heart of Jesus
dedicated to assisting families, forming Catholics,
and cultivating culture.

We are a small diocesan school in Grand Rapids with a big vision for Catholic education. Our educational ministry, serving families with children in preschool through 12th grade, is guided by a simple mission: We are “a parish apostolate dedicated to assisting families, forming Catholics, and cultivating culture.”

Having ministered to the West Side of Grand Rapids for over a hundred years, Sacred Heart’s ongoing commitment to academic excellence flows from the sacramental life of the Church. While growing in love of what is true, good and beautiful, students are formed and edified by daily Mass, weekly Adoration, and monthly Reconciliation.

“Heart Speaks Unto Heart,” reads the Latin motto proudly displayed on our crest. This phrase, from the writings of Blessed John Henry Newman, expresses the school’s primary purpose of connecting the hearts of students, faculty, families, parishioners, and community members to one another by connecting them to Christ’s Sacred Heart.

Learn more about what makes Sacred Heart Academy special and our vision for Catholic classical education.