“Help us, O God, to enter into the secret of childhood, so that we may know, love, and serve the child in accordance with the laws of Thy justice and following Thy holy will.”

-Dr. Maria Montessori

In our ages 3 to 6 Montessori environments, we educate the whole childspiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual. Children are free to move around the room and learn through “works” that isolate skills to be learned. These works allow children to learn through discovery using hands-on Montessori materials originally developed in Rome 108 years ago so that abstract concepts can be presented in a concrete form. In fact, the first Montessori school opened on the Feast of the Epiphany! Catechesis of the Good Shepherda beautiful Montessori-based Catholic faith formationis also incorporated into the program.

Our full day environment is known as Spiritus Dei Montessori and our half day environment is known as Agnus Dei Montessori. Both environments have Montessori-trained directresses.

Montessori at Sacred Heart Academy seeks to collaborate with parents in the education of their children, providing a spirit-filled, enriching environment for children to grow and develop in these crucial early years.

As stated in the Catechism of the Catholic Church:

No. 2225: Through the grace of the sacrament of marriage, parents receive the responsibility and privilege of evangelizing their children. Parents should initiate their children at an early age into the mysteries of the faith of which they are the “first heralds” for their children. They should associate them from their tenderest years with the life of the Church.

No. 2226: Education in the faith by the parents should begin in the child’s earliest years.

No. 2229: As far as possible parents have the duty of choosing schools that will best help them in their task as Christian educators.

Montessori Options and Requirements

Program options for the 2015-2016 academic year:
  • Agnus Dei Montessori: Monday-Thursday half day (available only for ages 3-4) or Monday-Friday half day (for ages 3-6) 7:30 am to 11:15 am
  • Spiritus Dei Montessori: Monday-Thursday full day (available only for ages 3-4) or Monday-Friday full day (for ages 3-6) 7:30 am to 3:10 pm
Checklist to determine if your child is ready to start school:
  • Child is able to dress self with simple clothing (pull-on pants/skirts/shirts, socks)
  • Child follows through with basic instructions
  • Ability to use the toilet almost entirely independently (we realize that accidents will happen and assist with these minimally in a laid-back manner)
  • Verbalization of wants and needs

Contact us to learn more about our Montessori program and how you can enroll your child.