Age Quod Agis | SHA Weekly Newsletter | January 9, 2017 |

Age Quod Agis 

January 9th, 2017, First Week of Ordinary Time

Age quod agis; Do what you’re doing. 

Last week Father Peter preached about technology and how we need to be aware of the importance of being present to the people and work in front of us. Later the same day, this video from Simon Sinek surfaced, reiterating how technology greatly impacts our relationships.  We highly recommend you take a few minutes to review this video and take some time to reflect on how technology impacts your relationships.

Our generation is naturally a busy one, often, in response to the question: “How are you?”, the response is: “Busy!”. We are living in a generation where technology is present, and we are not called to deny it completely.  Indeed, you wouldn’t be reading this newsletter without it.  We can and should be grateful for electricity, light, microphones, and easier communication, but we should be vigilant of the risk technology poses to what it means to be human.

With social media, texting, and the like, we are inundated with words, screens, and images. We have a plethora of knowledge at our fingertips, yet easier than ever, forget it five minutes later. We are encouraged to do many things at once, even while spending time with loved ones. Yes, advancements in technology are not inherently bad, but with no awareness, overuse can be detrimental.

In this new year, may we be present to do what we are doing, whether that is a task assigned us, or being present in a conversation with God or a friend. In this, we may be present to the human reality around us and serve and love those other humans in our midst. 

All Academy

Spelling Bee

The SHA Spelling Bee will be held in the cafeteria at 1:30 pm on Wednesday, January 11th. Participating CEC students should arrive in the cafeteria by 1:20 pm. Parents interested in attending should arrive at 1:20 pm also.

If students want to sign up, there is still time. An email to Ms. Herron, or a student adding their name to the list on the wall outside Ms. Herron’s classroom, will suffice. Students must sign up by noon on January 11.

Superintendent David Faber Visiting Thursday, January 12

The Superintendent for the Diocese of Grand Rapids Catholic Schools, David Faber, will visit Sacred Heart on Thursday, January 12.  He will be available for a parent meet and greet at 2:45 in room 101 near the office.

Adoration Supplies Needed

Please consider donating any extra prayer books, spiritual reading, rosaries, or chaplets to the students. Donations will be made available each Tuesday for students to use during Eucharistic Adoration. Boxes will be available in the back of church to collect donations for all ages. Thank you for supporting the spiritual growth of our children!

Photos Needed

Sacred Heart Academy is producing a Year Book in house this year. PLEASE send any photos you have of athletic teams, candid shots, and ministry and parish events to Thea Walsh ( as soon as possible. 

Lost & Found 

The lost and found will be emptied and donated at the end of this week. Please look through the lost and found as soon as possible. Please note, a stroller was left in the parking lot and is currently in the lost and found. Please claim it if it is yours.


Please mark your children’s uniform pieces with your last name. Please put a note card with their name in the blazer pocket to make sure we can return lost blazers to their owners.

Family Information Update

Please keep your information updated with SHA. Find the form here to update your family information with the office, thank you!

Handbook Highlight: Study Hall

Study Hall is a scheduled part of the day for full time high school students. This time is set aside for diligent study.

Study Hall is also available for 5th – 12th CEC students in the library and library annex.  There are times during the CEC day when the library annex will be required for class instruction.  During those times, only the library will be made available.

Study Hall for 5th – 12th CEC students is not a social gathering time.  The space is offered as a convenience to families that have “gaps” in their 5th – 12th CEC course schedules.  The space is for diligent study.  Excessive noise will be addressed by the Study Hall supervisors and those students unable to adapt their behavior to expectations will be asked to leave and their parents will be contacted. At no time may students leave the building unaccompanied by an adult.”


Parish Family Nights Resume 1/11

We look forward to seeing you when Parish Family Nights resume on 1/11/2017. Dr. Nathan Schmiedicke will speak on “The Christian Family: Civilization of Love”, focusing on content from sections 1-11 of JPII’s “Letter to Families”.  Find JPII’s Letter to Families here.

Knights of Columbus Free Throw Contest

The Sacred Heart Knights of Columbus Council Free Throw Competition will take place on Tuesday, January 10th at 4:00 pm in the Sacred Heart Academy gym. The competition will start after the completion of Benediction. The competition is open to all Sacred Heart Students and Parishioners age 9 – 14. Winners at each age level will receive medals, champion’s certificates and an invitation to participate in the district level competition in early February.

All participants must have an official entry form signed by their parents. Print the form here.

High School Ministry:


High schoolers, you don’t want to miss this knock out event on Wednesday, January 11 at 6:15 pm. Come participate in the snow war of the year, drink cocoa, and spend time with your peers. This event will occur during parish night. Students should gather in the SHA gym. The battle will take place on the John Ball Zoo green (white) space. 


No Current News

SHA Calendar – Four Weeks at a Glance

Events are included in the newsletter one time, from then on, they can be found below, which links to the main Academy calendar, the website calendar. The website calendar is the official calendar. Occasionally, we will list special Mass Celebrations. For a complete Parish Mass schedule, please click here. For this week’s Parish bulletin, click here.


9    Christmas Pageant
10   KofC Free Throw Competition
11    5th – 10th Assembly
11   Parish Nights Resume; High School Party
12   PTC Lunch
12    6th Grade Boys Basketball vs. St. Charles @ Home
12    Superintendent David Faber Visit – Parent Meet and Greet at 2:45 p.m.
12    School Board Meeting
14    6th Grade Boys Basketball vs. SJDA @ Home
14    5th Grade Girls Basketball vs. NorthPointe Christian @ Home
14    Open Gym for High School Students
16    Martin Luther King Jr. Day – No School
17 – 20  Semester 1 Exams
18   Parish Family Night
20   Half Day for Students
21    6th Grade Boys Basketball vs. St. Stans/SMV
25   Parish Family Night
25-28   March for Life Trip
26    PTC Pizza Lunch
29    Catholic Schools Week Begins
29    Catholic Schools Week Mass – Come in Your Uniform!
30    Dress Rehearsal – A Man for All Seasons
31     Sacrament of Confession
31    Dress Rehearsal – A Man for All Seasons


1   Conference Slips Due
1   All School Assembly
1   A Man for All Seasons Dress Rehearsal
1   Parish Family Night
2   Candlemass
2   A Man for All Seasons Dress Rehearsal
2   Authenticum
3   A Man for All Seasons Opens
4   A Man for All Seasons
5   A Man for All Seasons
8   Half Day for Students
8   Parent Teacher Conferences
8   Parish Family Night
9   PTC Lunch
9   Parent Teacher Conferences
10  Half Day for Students
10  Parent Teacher Conferences

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