Name: Antoni Germano
Title/Position: Building and Grounds Administrator
Department: High School
Contact Email:

Faculty Bio

Born in Anaheim, California, Mr. Germano is excited to join the Sacred Heart Academy faculty and to make Grand Rapids, Michigan his home. He has been enrolled in Catholic private schooling for most of his life, attending Blessed Sacrament K-8th and Servite High School back in Orange County, California. While he steadily grew in his dedication to the Lord, it was not until attending Hillsdale College that he was inspired by others and understood the importance and the beauty of the Catholic faith. Mr. Germano graduated from Hillsdale College with a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and minors in Religion and Economics. It is his passion to ensure that high school students are prepared as they enter into the real world, especially in terms of voting while being informed about their faith, and consequently the difference between the role of individuals and role of the government in the world. Grateful for the opportunity to teach at Sacred Heart Academy, Mr. Germano hopes to give the students the best he can offer, encouraging above all else their dedication and love for the Catholic faith and development as imitators of Christ. Teaching in 2015-16 – 9th-10th Grade Math and History, 11th-12th Grade Economics and History.


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Class ID Class Number Class Name Class Instructor Room Number Class Days Class Time Credits Prerequisites
CEC M412A & CEC M412B CEC Algebra I Room 201 Tuesdays, Thursdays 8:30am - 9:45am
Algebra 1 Room 201 Every Day 1:37 pm - 2:27 pm
0832 Algebra 1 Room 201 Every Day 12:47pm - 1:37pm