Name: Zachary Good
Title/Position: Provost
Department: Classical Enrichment Courses
Specialties: Latin, Literature, and Logic & Rhetoric
Contact Email:

Faculty Bio

Mr. Good, our provost, joined the administrative team at Sacred Heart Academy in the summer of 2013, when he began work on what has become the school’s primary vision document, “An Explanation and Defense of Catholic Classical Education.” His duties involve training the staff, overseeing the development and implementation of curriculum, and coordinating the Classical Enrichment Courses program. Having graduated from Hillsdale College with a double-major in Classical Studies and English, Mr. Good enjoys teaching Latin, literature, and his Logic & Rhetoric course. Through studying the works of Shakespeare, Dante, Bl. John Henry Newman, and the Church Fathers, Mr. Good became convinced of the truth of the Catholic faith and joined the Church at Easter in 2009. During his career in education, Mr. Good has taught Latin and English to students in 5th through 12th grades, especially enjoying his time teaching AP and Honors American and British Literature. After teaching and developing English curriculum at a successful charter school in Colorado Springs, Mr. Good is thankful to have returned along with his wife and two sons to his native Michigan. He is even more grateful to be able to work in an environment that is both spiritually affirming and academically excellent.


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Class ID Class Number Class Name Class Instructor Room Number Class Days Class Time Credits Prerequisites
Humanities 10 - The Medieval World 200 Monday-Friday 10:06-11:16am
British Literature 302 Tuesday and Thursday 11:06am-12:21pm None
Classical Literature 302 Tuesday and Thursday Section A – 8:30-9:45am Section B – 2:54-2:09pm None
American Literature 302 Tuesday and Thursday 9:48-11:03am None
Grammar & Composition 302 Tuesday and Thursday 2:11-3:26pm None
Medieval Literature 302 Tuesday and Thursday 11:06am-12:21pm None