5th/6th CEC Science

Homework Posting

Fourth Quarter Homework:

Late work will receive a 50% deduction.

Tuesday, May 9: Reaction Time Lab (in class); Read section 1 of The Nervous System reading packet for May 11.

Thursday, May 4: Muscular System Packet due May 9; Muscle Action Lab due May 9.

Tuesday, May 2: Muscular System Packet due May 9; finish Analyzing Bones worksheet for Thursday.

Tuesday, April 25: Excretory & Digestive System Test today; Skeletal System packet due May 2.

Tuesday, April 18: read Skeletal System informational packet; study for the Digestive System and Excretory System test (which will be given in class 4-25)


Third Quarter Homework:

Late work turned in this quarter will receive a 50% deduction.

Thursday, March 9: Circulatory System Packet due March 14; Blood Cells wksh due March 14.

Tuesday, March 7: Circulatory System Packet due March 14.

Thursday, March 2: class discussion of lungs; no hw

Tuesday, February 28: finished Lung Lab; turned in packet; no homework.

Thursday, February 16: Collected Cell Projects; Started Lung Lab; work on packet

Tuesday, February 7: Cell project due February 16.

Thursday, February 2: read chapter 1 in book; Work on The Incredible Cell Project – due February 16.

5S                                   The Incredible Cell


You will be required to construct a three-dimensional model of a plant or animal cell.


My model: _________________________      Due Date: ________________


Each model must include all of the following organelles and their functions:

  • Cell wall (plant cell only)
  • Cell membrane
  • Nucleus
  • Nucleolus
  • Cytoplasm
  • Endoplasmic reticulum
  • Golgi bodies
  • Ribosomes
  • Mitochondria
  • Vacuole
  • Lysosome (animal cell only)
  • Chloroplast (plant cell only)



  • Is your name on the project?
  • Is the cell type identified? (plant or animal cell)
  • Is the model a three-dimensional model of a plant or animal cell?
  • Are all the organelles listed above included?
  • Are the organelles correctly labeled? Each organelle must be labeled with its name and function. You may label each organelle or use a key.
  • Are the relationships between the parts shown correctly? For example, is the endoplasmic reticulum around the nucleus?
  • Did you use proper conventions: spelling, grammar, etc.?




Tuesday, January 31: Cell structure packet is due Thursday, February 2; today we looked at cells through a microscope.

Thursday, January 26: read Cell Structure packet; Cell Structure worksheet is due Thursday, February 2. Study the Animal and Plant cell diagram.

Tuesday, January 24: read Cell Structure packet; Cell Structure worksheet is due Thursday, February 2.

Second Quarter Homework:

Please note my new policy on homework: If homework is not turned in the day it is due, the student will receive 25% deduction (unless the student is absent). All missing work must be turned in by the ay of the test or the student will receive a zero for that


Thursday, January 12: SNOW DAY!!! Chapter 7-2 packet is due January 17; Exam Review Chapter 7 follows:

5/6CECS                  Aquatic Ecosystems                                Ch. 7

                               First Semester Exam  Review


Aquatic ecosystems

Barrier island

Benthic zone


Coral reef



Freshwater ecosystems

Littoral zone

Mangrove swamp

Marine ecosystems




Salt marsh



Tuesday, January 10: Chapter 7-2 packet due January 17; Exam Review assignments due January 19; Exam January 19

Thursday, January 5: Exam Review Chapter 4 & 5 due January 19; Chapter 7-1 packet due January 10.

Tuesday, January 3: Exam Review Chapter 4 due January 19; Chapter 7-1 packet due January 10.

Thursday, December 8: Biome Presentations

Tuesday, December 6: Biome Presentations

Thursday, December 1: Biome Presentations begin next week.

Tuesday, November 29: discussed biome project; worked on biome project; assigned dates for biome presentation

Tuesday, November 22: work on biome project in class; we will discuss due dates, expectations, etc. next Tuesday.

Tuesday, November 15: Took Chapter 5 Test; assigned Biome – students will be working on a biome project in class and at  home; today they were given their biome. hw: find resources (books, printouts, etc.) to bring to school on Thursday. On Thursday,  November 17 we will discuss the requirements of this project.

Thursday, November 10: Chapter 5 test 11-15; Dissected Owl Pellets worksheet due 11-15 if not already turned in 11-10

Tuesday, November 8: Review packet due today; Dissected Owl Pellets in class -we’ll finish on Thursday; hw: study for test which is Tuesday, November 15

Tuesday, November 1: Chapter 5 Section 3 packet & Cycles in Nature poster due on Thursday, November 3.


Tuesday, September 6: Welcome back to Sacred Heart Academy. Today we discussed the syllabus and general classroom information. We also began our first group project, which will be to build a tower from everyday materials.

Homework: Think about a design for a tower. We will discuss the rules of the project, and I’ll pass out materials on Thursday.

Tuesday, September 27 – discussed chapter 4 section 1 & 2. no homework

Thursday, September 29 – hands-on activity; homework: section 3 in journal (students will receive the requirements for the section today, although they’re the same for each section)


Tuesday, October 4: p. 115-116 #1-22


Thursday, October 6: finish kingdoms poster in class; study for test(October 13)

Tuesday, October 11: review for test

Thursday, October 13:  Test; homework is to work on chapter 5 section 1 packet (due October 20)


Tuesday, October 18: hw: Test corrections; Chapter 5 section 1 packet due Thursday, October 20.


Thursday, October 20: hw: Chapter 5 section 2 packet due October 27.


Tuesday, October 25: finished Food Webs in class; discussed Cycles in Nature poster which is due Thursday, November 3


Thursday, October 27: discussed Chapter 5 section 3 in class; Chapter 5 Section 3 packet due November 3; Cycles in Nature poster due November 3 also.