5/6 Ancient History

Homework for the week:

Assigned 9/13 – Read chapter three (through p. 42)

Assigned 9/15-Complete the Early Aegean Review (the test will be on Tuesday 9/22)

Assigned 9/20 – Study for the Early Aegean Test

Assigned 9/22 – Read p.42-81 of The Book of the Ancient Greeks and complete a journal entry as if you were at an Olympic Games

Assigned 9/27 – Read p. 82-96

Assigned 9/29 – Read p. 97-111 and complete the Athens and Sparta Review (test will be on Thursday,10/6)

Assigned 10/4 – Study for the chapter two test, which is on Thursday, 10/6

Assigned 10/6 – Read chapters seven and eight

Assigned 10/11 – Read chapter nine through p. 149

Assigned 10/13 – Read chapter nine from p. 150-171

Assigned 10/18 – Read chapter ten through p.182

Assigned 10/20 – Complete the Rise of Athens Review worksheet

Assigned 10/25 – Study for the test on Thursday

Assigned 10/27 – Read chapters ten through twelve (p. 182-217)

Assigned 11/1 – Read chapters thirteen and fourteen

Assigned 11/3 – Reflection on “Iphigenia in Tauris” and sketches of architecture using illustrations on p.246-277

Assigned 11/8 – Read chapter 16

Assigned 11/10 – complete the Downfall of Athens review (test Thursday)

Assigned 11/15 – Study for the test on Thursday

Assigned 11/17 – Read chapters sixteen and seventeen, complete the map of Alexander’s Conquests

Assigned 11/22 – Thebes and Persian Review (Test on Thursday, 12/1)

Assigned 11/29 – Thebes and Persia Review (Test MOVED to Tuesday 12/6)

Assigned 12/1 – Study for test

Assigned 12/6 – Reading on Plato’s Allegory of the Cave

Assigned 12/8 – Read Chapter 19

Assigned 12/20 – Greek Influence Review (Test on January 5, 2017)

Assigned 1/10 – OPTIONAL: Exam review (Exam on Tuesday, January 17th – regular class times)

Assigned 1/12 – OPTIONAL: Exam review (Exam on Tuesday, January 17th – regular class times)

Assigned 1/17 – study for the exam (we missed it due to a two  hour delay)

Assigned 1/19 – Read chapters one through four in The Book of the Ancient Romans and complete worksheets for chapters three and four

Assigned 1/25 – Read chapter five and make a sketch of the map of the city of Rome on p. 58

Assigned 1/27 – Complete the Founding and Kings of Rome Review (Test will be on Thursday, February 2nd)

Assigned 1/31 – Study for the test on Thursday

Assigned 2/2 – Read chapter six (through p.101) and complete the chapter six worksheets (through part V)

Assigned 2/7 – Read p. 101-109 and complete chapter six worksheets (through part VII)

Assigned 2/9 – Read chapter seven (through p.118) and write a paragraph account of how Plebeians gained their rights

Assigned 2/14 – Read p. 118-129 and complete the chapter seven: part II worksheet

Assigned 2/16 – Complete the Conquest of Italy Review (Due 2/23) – The test will be on Tuesday, February 28th

Assigned 2/28 – Read chapter nine and complete accompanying worksheets (Due: Tuesday 3/7)

Assigned 3/2 – (continue work assigned 2/28)

Assigned 3/7 – read chapter ten and complete the worksheet

Assigned 3/9 – read chapter eleven, complete the question (“Was Rome able to create a working government for her provinces?”), then make a simple timeline of the conquests of Rome (no more than ten events)

Assigned 3/14 – read chapter twelve (through p.211) and complete the corresponding worksheets

Assigned 3/16 – read chapter twelve (p.211-242) and complete the corresponding worksheets

Assigned 3/21 – Read Shakespeare’s Funeral Oration of Julius Caesar and make marginal notes

Assigned 3/23 – Read chapter thirteen and write a summary of it (no more than two paragraphs)

Assigned 4/11 – Read chapter fourteen and complete the chapter fourteen worksheet

Assigned 4/13 – Read chapter fifteen (p. 276-299) and write a one paragraph summary

Assigned 4/18 – Read chapter fifteen (through p. 305) and complete the chapter fifteen parts III and IV worksheets

Assigned 4/20 – Read and make marginal notes on the Christian martyr’s accounts, then read chapter sixteen and complete the corresponding worksheet

Assigned 5/9 – Read the remainder of chapter nineteen and write a summary of what you read

Assigned 5/11 – Read chapter twenty and complete the chapter twenty discussion sheet

Assigned 5/16 – Read chapter twenty and complete the chapter twenty worksheet

Assigned 5/18 – Read chapters twenty-two through twenty-four and complete worksheets

Assigned 5/23 – Make sure all missing work is completed and turned in. Begin studying for the exam (Thursday, June 1st, at 8:45 in my classroom). The exam review is OPTIONAL.

Assigned 5/25 – Study for the exam (Thursday, June 1st, at 8:45 in my classroom). The exam review is OPTIONAL.