5th Grade Math CEC

Homework Posting

Fourth Quarter:

Work turned in late will receive 50% deduction.

Tuesday, April 25: Workbook Exercise 8

Tuesday, April 18: Test corrections due 4-20; Workbook Exercise 1 & 2 due 4-20


Third Quarter Homework:

Homework turned in late will receive a 50% deduction this quarter.

Thursday, March 9: Test corrections due Tuesday, March 14; Workbook Exercises 35, 36 due Tuesday, March 14

Tuesday, March 7: Took Triangle Test; Workbook Exercise 34.

Thursday, March 2:Workbook Exercise 33; Triangle Test Tuesday, March 7

Tuesday, February 28: Workbook Exercise 32.

Thursday, February 16: Test Corrections due 2-23; Workbook Exercise 31 due 2-23.

Tuesday, February 7: Workbook Exercise 27 and 29.

Thursday, February 2: no class today due to the field trip to Wealthy Street Theater.

Tuesday, January 31: Workbook Exercise 24 + Fraction Division worksheet.

Thursday, January 26: Workbook Exercise 22 + Multiplication worksheet

Tuesday, January 24: Textbook p. 40 #5-8; p. 43 #5-9



Second Quarter Homework:

Please note my new policy on homework: If homework is not turned in the day it is due, the student will receive 25% deduction (unless the student is absent). All missing work must be turned in by the day of the test or the student will receive a zero for that assignment. 

Thursday, January 12: SNOW DAY!! We will still have the exam on Tuesday, January 17. I will collect the review assignments on Tuesday also.

Tuesday, January 10: Worked on Exam Review Assignments –  due January 12; Exam is January 17

Thursday, January 5: Exam Review assignments due 1-12; Workbook Exercises 15 & 16 due 1-10.

Tuesday, January 3: Fractions Test corrections due Thursday; Adding and Subtracting Fractions with Like Denominators worksheet due Thursday; Exam Review assignments due January 12.

Tuesday, December 13: Study for Fractions test (Thursday)

Thursday, December 8: Took Quiz; homework: Fractions Review worksheet; Test Thursday, December 15

Tuesday, December 6: Comparing Fractions worksheet; Quiz Thursday,

Thursday, December 1: homework: Simplest terms worksheet

Tuesday, November 29: Went over quiz; homework: Equivalent Fractions worksheet

Tuesday, November 22: Took quiz; homework: Mixed Numbers worksheet

Tuesday, November 15: Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions wksh

Thursday, November 10: Test corrections due 11-15; Meaning of Fractions/Fractions and Division worksheet due 11-15

Tuesday, November 8: Multiplication and Division Test; no homework

Tuesday, November 1: Textbook p. 32 #7-14 in complete sentences; Division Quiz on Tuesday, November 3.








Tuesday, September 6: Welcome back to Sacred Heart Academy.

Today we reviewed the syllabus and discussed classroom procedures,

etc. The homework is to complete the “Getting to Know Me” worksheet.

It is due on Thursday.


Thursday, September 15: Lesson 1.2 Millions

hw: Workbook p. 7-8 #1-4


Tuesday, September 20: Lesson 1.3 Approximation

hw: Workbook p. 9-10 #1-7

Thursday, September 22: Lesson 1.3 Estimation (con’t)

Hw: Workbook p. 11-13 #1-6


Lesson 1.4/1.5 Multiplying by Tens, Hundreds or Thousands/Dividing by Tens, Hundreds or Thousands

hw: Worksheet

Thursday, September 29: Lesson 1.6 Order of Operations

hw: Workbook p. 18-23

Thursday, October 6: took a quiz in class; p. 61-62 #11, 14 abcd; p. 25 #1-4; Test Tuesday, October 11


Tuesday, October 11 – took test; no homework


Thursday, October 13 – went over test, students may make corrections on the test for an improved grade. These corrections are due on Tuesday, October 18. Also due on Tuesday is Multiplication worksheet #2.


Tuesday, October 18: hw: Multiplication worksheet 3 & 4 (even problems only) due Thursday, October 20. Quiz on Thursday, October 20 – multiplication.


Thursday, October 20: took a quiz; hw: Division worksheet #1 due Tuesday.


Tuesday, October 25 – hw: division wksh #2


Thursday, October 27: hw: division wksh #3 & 4 evens only