Now that you’ve learned a bit about our vision for Catholic classical education in Grand Rapids, we encourage you to begin the enrollment process as soon as possible to ensure timely admission. We endeavor to make our enrollment process efficient and transparent, so if you have any questions or comments about how our forms or process can be improved, please let us know.

Step 1: Complete Required Application Documents

As a diocesan school, Sacred Heart Academy requires certain basic information from all applicants. The first two, the Family Data Form and the Student Enrollment Form, will cover the family’s contact information and the pertinent health and sacramental history of the student(s) applying for admission.

The Tuition Contract then outlines Sacred Heart Academy’s tuition structure and will allow parents to select their payment schedule. Finally the PSAS is the standard diocesan application for financial aid. Follow the link provided, complete the application and following the mailing instructions. The results of your PSAS application will be communicated to Sacred Heart Academy, but your financial information will remain private.

Step 2: Schedule a Family Interview

Before a new full-time student is admitted, the child’s parents will be contacted to arrange an opportune time to meet with one or more of Sacred Heart Academy’s administrative team. This is a great time for  parents to learn more about the academy and for the administration to learn more about the prospective student(s). A close working relationship between parents and the school greatly improves a child’s chances for satisfaction and success at Sacred Heart Academy. This short, personal interview ensures that our cooperative relationship has the best possible beginning.

Step 3: Receive Confirmation of Admission and Access to Online Systems

Shortly after the Family Interview, an administrator will contact you to confirm admission and discuss any tuition assistance you may be eligible to receive. Finally, parents will receive an email confirming their child’s enrollment in Infinite Campus (our online gradebook) and SMART Tuition (our third-party tuition collection system). With the log-in information provided at this juncture, parents will be able to access their child’s grades and their family’s tuition account any time they wish. A computer kiosk is provided at the front office of the academy for any families without home internet access.