Athletic Boosters

This organization exists to enhance and improve the athletic program of Sacred Heart of Jesus School. The objectives of this organization shall be to work with the youth of Sacred Heart of Jesus School and Parish:

– to promote interest in and support competitive sports;
– to be active in recruiting new active members;
– to support the athletic program of the parish school in these ways:

  1. Provide financial support;
  2. provide opportunity for parent involvement; and
  3. to encourage good sportsmanship and school spirit.

Education Endowment Foundation

The purpose of the Education Endowment Foundation is to receive, hold, manage, invest, and reinvest funds and to use and apply the income and assets of the corporation, in accordance with the bylaws of the cooperation, in full or in part, for the following uses and purposes:

  1. To provide funds to assist in the meeting of the operating costs of the Sacred Heart of Jesus School hereinafter referred to as the School.
  2. To assist in the furnishing and/or improvements of the School properties.
  3. To assist in the support of any present or new programs at the school.
  4. To provide scholarships for, or loan money to, students of Sacred Heart of Jesus School, in furtherance of their education.