Volunteer Opportunities

At Sacred Heart Academy we place a particular emphasis on the role of parents as the primary educators of their children. Our work in educational ministry is designed to serve parents in their roles as academic and religious formators. One way to ensure that our work is collegial and mutually beneficial is to open our doors to allow parents to work alongside our faculty through various volunteer opportunities.

Because we know that every family is different and that some times of life afford greater or lesser opportunities for volunteerism and because we value the spirit of charity and generosity that moves parents to be active in the life of our Academy, we require no set number of volunteer hours of our families. Instead, we hope to foster a spirit of community and mutual self-giving that encourages the administrators, faculty, pastors, and families to work together to facilitate this great and noble work.

You can review the following descriptions of a number of volunteer positions. We ask that you complete the survey below to communicate both your talents and your availability to the head of our Parent-Teacher Committee for distribution to the volunteer program coordinators. Please prayerfully consider how God may be calling you to serve in this monumental effort of forming young Catholics.

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Hot Lunch Helper (2 program coordinators, 2 preparer and 6 servers for each scheduled meal)

Various volunteer positions are available for bimonthly hot lunch meals. Volunteers can prepare foods at home 1-2 days before hot lunch day or prepare food for serving two hours before hot lunch begins. Other volunteers are needed to serve food or to act as program coordinators for the pizza lunches and hot lunches. Parents can also assist with cleanup, including kitchen and lunchroom.

Auction Committee Volunteer (Determined by Auction Committee Chair)

Parents who serve on the Auction Committee will attend occasional meetings held at Sacred Heart, stay connected through email and Facebook, and perform preparatory tasks as designated by the committee chair. Auction will occur annually in the fall and volunteers will be chosen in the winter for the following year’s event.

Enrollment Advocate (6 individuals/couples)

Every parent is an ambassador for the Academy to the wider community. However, those who feel particularly well equipped to speak about the philosophy and practice of Catholic Classical Education can do this in an official capacity as enrollment advocates. These volunteers assist the administration by calling, emailing, and, in rare cases, meeting in person with prospective families. They also receive materials and training to equip them in this work.

Conference Meal Preparation (4-6 per conference)

Sacred Heart Academy hosts parent/teacher conferences in September, November, February and April of the school year. Parent volunteers prepare dinners for the teachers each night of scheduled conferences. Ideally we strive to provide two main dishes, two salads and two desserts each day. The parent volunteer is asked to prepare one or two food items and to deliver them to the Academy by 3pm. Your help and thoughtfully prepared food is greatly appreciated by the teachers!

Room Coordinator (1 per classroom, 19 total)

For each classroom, a parent volunteer will gather information on the following and communicate it on a regular basis to the parents from their particular grade: Teacher assistance requests, in-class parties and field trips, Academy-wide volunteer opportunities, and other concerns that may arise. The room coordinator is to stay in touch with the teacher and assist them by acting as liaison with the parents so that everyone is kept up-to-date and aware of opportunities to help classroom operations in small ways throughout the year. Classrooms in need of coordinators: One each for the full and half-day Montessori environments (2), one each for the full-time 1st-9th grades (9), one for each CEC cohort (6), one each for music and art (2).

Lunch and Recess Monitor (1-2 per day)

The lunchroom and recess are wonderful places to be with the children of Sacred Heart Academy!  Volunteer monitors should enjoy leading students in maintaining the order and cleanliness of these environments. Consistent enforcement of behavioral standards is an important part of this position. Each lunch and recess period spans about 1 hour and 15 minutes.  Volunteers arrive in the lunchroom around 11:20am to help monitor the elementary and middle school children until about 11:45-12:00pm when they go outside for recess (by grades). Recess ends at 12:25pm. During recess, we monitor the safety of the children, as well as making sure they follow some important rules. Facilitating some play or games happens occasionally, usually when indoor recess is necessary. We are able to schedule volunteers to help in a variety of ways in this area, so please feel free to specify days or times that work best for you.

Study Hall Monitor (3-5 each Tuesday and Thursday)

On Tuesdays and Thursdays students in 5th-12th grades in the Classical Enrichment Courses program who are not enrolled in a given block of courses spend their time quietly working in the Academy library. Monitors are responsible for taking attendance and ensuring that students remain on task. Because the library consists of two adjacent rooms, one volunteer can oversee both spaces, but having multiple volunteers for each period is desirable. Volunteers should generally schedule their hours to align with the high school CEC schedule. Additionally, supervision is need on Tuesdays from the close of the school day until the start of Vespers and Benediction at 5pm.

Driver for Field Trips

On rare occasions, drivers may be needed to transport students for field trips and extracurricular events. Drivers must be approved to transport children in addition to having the standard VIRTUS training and background check.

Coordinator for Major Academy Events (1 coordinator per event, plus additional volunteers)

A number of annual Academy events require extensive planning and coordination. In each case a parent coordinator will work alongside a faculty coordinator to schedule, communicate, prepare for, and execute these major events in the life of the Academy. Events include: Heart Prize, the St. Nicolas Shop, Christmas Market, the Advent Program, Uniform and Book Resale, May Magnificat Spring Concert, and Field Day.

Setup and Cleanup for Family Night Dinners (1 family/individual per week)

Every Tuesday night Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish hosts a family night beginning with Vespers and Benediction at 5pm, followed by a parish potluck, and opportunities for fellowship and education for all ages. Because this event is an excellent opportunity to foster the common life of the Parish and Academy it is vital that families who attend regularly assist in the weekly setup and cleanup. Volunteers should arrive at 4:15 pm to ensure that the hall is prepared prior to 5pm.

Tutor (Based on need)

Academic assistance is needed for many students in a variety of students at a variety of levels, both during and after school. The greatest need for one-on-one or small group work usually comes in the areas of reading and mathematics for students in 1st-6th grade. Parents who feel that have gifts to share in these areas are welcome to present their interest and availability to room coordinators who will be able to discuss the needs of their assigned classroom(s).

Classroom/Office Aide (Drop-in)

There is always plenty of work to be done at Sacred Heart Academy, so parents who happen to have time available are encouraged to speak with the front office about what tasks are in the queue. Drop-in work includes copying, filing, laminating, and other work that can easily be delegated to those interested in giving an hour or two to helping out the administration and faculty.

Athletics Aide

Our athletic director and coaches need assistance throughout the year with running the scoring table, concessions, and ticket sales. If you are interested in volunteering to assist in the athletic program, please let us know which sports most interest you or reach out directly to Jim Hiske, the athletic director, at ad@sacredheartgr.org.

New Family Hospitality

Sacred Heart Academy Host Families are volunteers who have had children enrolled at the Academy and are able to guide new families through their own transition.   Each Host Family will be assigned a newly enrolled family before the beginning of the school year in order to welcome them and to answer any questions new families may have.  Host families will greet the new families at Orientation Night, serve as a source of information throughout the school year, make introductions to school and parish staff, and pray for new intentions of the new family.