Welcome Scholarship

We’re pleased to announce the Welcome Scholarship for the 2016- 2017 school year! Consistent with its name, the scholarship, offered through the Diocese of Grand Rapids, seeks to “welcome” students who are new to Catholic school education.

Several key elements to note:

  • Eligible applicants are incoming students who did not attend a Catholic school in the Diocese of Grand Rapids for the whole 2016/17 school year and do not currently have a sibling enrolled in a Catholic school in the diocese.
  • To qualify, students (or their families) must be registered members at a parish in the Diocese of Grand Rapids.
  • The scholarship is available (regardless of financial need) from Preschool through 11th grade at the following one-time award levels:
    Preschool: $250 per student
    K-8th Grade: $750 per student
    9th-11th Grade: $1,000 per student
  • Students who receive the Welcome Scholarship are still eligible for other scholarships (e.g. Bishop’s Scholarship, local school scholarships).
  • If you have a new student that meets the criteria above and has already enrolled for the 2015/16 school year, they are still eligible to receive the award.

Click Welcome Scholarship Application Form to download the application. It can also be accessed through the Diocese’s website at CatholicSchools4U.org under ‘Welcome Scholarship.’